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Some words from the founder

“I realized that giving is something that no one can take away from you. The rewards of giving go far beyond money and material things. Giving is something you will be able to take with you wherever you go for the rest of your life.”

(Baba Mahan Singh)
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Q: Where is the Guru Nanak Anath Ashram located?
A: The home is situated at three places. Our Head office is at Amritsar while we have branches at Tarn Taran. For Further information, visit our Contacts page(Link to Contact Page).

Q: What are the goals of Guru Nanak Anath Ashram?
A: The overriding goal of Guru Nanak Anath Ashram is to assist the destitute children, mentally challenged people and diseased persons. Guru Nanak Anath Ashram focuses on providing these people with basic requirements such as: food, shelter, clothing and  education. The future vision of Guru Nanak Anath Ashram is to expand the home facilities to cater for the increasing number of orphans and impoverished, widows, mentally challenged people, etc.

Q: When was the Guru Nanak Anath Ashram formed?
A: The group was formed in 2002 by Baba Mahan Singh.

Q: How is it supported?
A: Guru Nanak Anath Ashram is a non-profit organization  and appeals to well wishers to support the program. The organization survives mainly upon the donations made by people like you.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: A tax-deductible donation to Guru Nanak Anath Ashram directly assists in making sure that the inmates have shelter, food, clothing and an education.  

Q: If I want to draft a cheque to the Guru Nanak Anath Ashram, where should I send it?
A: All the details regarding donation are provided in our Make Donation(link to Donate now) Page. All your donations are Tax deductible under the Section 80c of Indian Constitution.

Q: I don't live in India. Will the Guru Nanak Anath Ashram   accept my donation?
A: The Guru Nanak Anath Ashram welcomes donations from all over the world. You can mail your check to us at the address given in our Donate Now (link to donate now)page. You must, however, send your payment in Indian Rupees.

Q: How will my donation be used to help the inmates?
A: The Guru Nanak Anath Ashram was established to support the children who have lost their parents.Our inmates also include widows, mentally and physically challenged persons, diseased people and olds
Your donations can help us in following ways

  • The construction, building and furnishing costs for the new facility. 
  • Utilities (i.e., firewood, charcoal, paraffin).
  • A child’s education. The children in the orphanage are required to attend school. Participating in our Donation program will support the purchase of a child’s uniform, tuition, fees, books, and school supplies.
  • Toiletries, clothing and medical supplies.
  • Personnel. We are in consistent need of the volunteers who can help us in various ways. 
  • Construction of a water system.

Q: How can I help the Guru Nanak Anath Ashram, beyond making a donation?
A: Individuals interested in donating their time or skills to forwarding the mission of the Guru Nanak Anath Ashram are encouraged to join. Involve friends and family to help increase awareness of the homelessness that exist in world and raise money to give shelter, food, clothing and an education to the children.

Q: Can I volunteer at The Guru Nanak Anath Ashram?                                                       A: We appreciate your interest in volunteering at the Guru Nanak Anath Ashram.  

Q: Can I donate clothes to the children of Guru Nanak Anath Ashram?
A: We appreciate your interest in donating clothes, inmates of Guru Nanak Anath Ashram  are in consistent need of fresh clothes.

Q: I am a medical doctor, nurse or dentist and would like to assist.
A: The children are in need of annual medical and dental exams. For those who desire to assist children in a developing world are welcome.